Simple silver bangles

A great place to start a jewelry collection.

ATS costume has a rich, generous look to it, but collecting the pieces to create the look can feel overwhelming, and it can be a serious investment. As exciting as some of the big, authentic pieces can be, they aren’t the best place to start a jewelry collection.

One of the first things I bought was this set of silver-tone bangles with a hammered texture. (This  hammered texture is in emulation of a hand technique, but the texture here was likely accomplished with a rolling mill.)

The bracelets are hollow construction and thus very light, which is a virtue – especially by the end of a performance when you feel like your arms are about to fall off.

I bought these ones new for I think $5 each at Ten Thousand Villages, a store that sells fair trade handicrafts from around the world. Made in India, they’re a really great basic item and I wish I’d gotten more, but it took me a while to learn the “more is more” lesson. Also, I hadn’t figured out my style yet and it was just as likely that I’d wear them once and never again.

The (nickel silver?) plating is wearing off a little on the edges, but that lived-in texture  and sense of personal history is entirely appropriate here. Newness, polish and modernity just doesn’t suit the aesthetic.

bangle – noun. 1. a rigid, ring-shaped bracelet usually made without a clasp so as to slip over the hand, but sometimes having a hinged opening and a clasp.

1780-90; < Hindi banglī, variant of bangrī glass ring, armlet